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For wholesale buyers and sellers

If you're in the business of food in North State California, we invite you to use this page as your ultimate resources guide. Here you can actually connect with buyers, sellers, distributers, and associations using our Shasta Cascade Food Hub (learn more below). In addition, you can quickly access hundreds of documents specific to the industry ranging from marketing expertise to food safety.

Shasta Cascade Food Hub

A Growing Community Of Professionals


What Is the Shasta Cascade Food Hub?

FoodHub gathers professional food buyers, wholesale producers, distributors and industry suppliers in one dynamic community. FoodHub is open to commercial buyers, independent producers, regional distributors, plus media, industry suppliers, farmers' market managers, trade associations and non-profits across six states.

And the best part... Membership is free!

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Information Portal

Knowledge Base

A Comprehensive Library

Here you will find a variety of industry articles, studies, and how-to guides. Find information on the economic impact of buying local, business management for ranchers, best practices in food safety, and so much more.

This regional resource library is a great tool for your business.

CrossRoads Resource Center

Works by food expert, Ken Meter

Ken Meter is one of the most experienced food systems analysts in the United States. His work integrates market analysis, business development, systems thinking, and social concerns.

This library of information is an invaluable tool in learning more about building thriving communities through sustainable food systems.